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Wax Melts


Simply place a melt in a wax warmer and light an unscented tea light below.

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Simply pop one of our hand poured wax melts into the top of a wax burner and enjoy the luxurious fragrance that will gently diffuse through your home. 


Sea Mist

With a combination of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber. Plus warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond makes this stunning fragrance divine.

Fresh Linen

Beautifully scented with an aroma of light musk, orange, jasmine and mimosa.

Pomegranate Nero

An elegant mixture of plum, pomegranate, rose, patchouli, cedar wood, amber, vanilla and musk.

Sandalwood & Mandarin

This beautiful fragrance has smooth hints of chocolate with zesty tones of mandarin and bergamot. Jasmine and amber are wrapped in floral notes of lavender and lily which reveal a base note of vanilla musk along with caramel and sandalwood. 

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Dimensions 90 x 60 x 26 cm

Pomegranate Nero, Sea Mist, Fresh Linen, Sandalwood & Mandarin